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I’m Amy, welcome to my little corner of the web!
I’m on a mission to get more people singing, more often.
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Singing is a wonderful thing. It was my first love and continues to be a lifelong passion. But I’ve not always been in a honeymoon state with my singing life. It can be hard and frustrating when you experience things like:


Minimal vocal range


Squeezed sound


Lack of power


Lack of confidence


Weak or silent high notes


Breathy tone


A crack or break in the voice


Lack of style


Problems with pitching

But it doesn’t have to be this way

You could experience


Wider vocal range


Free-flowing sound


Power and control


Increased confidence


Breathtaking high notes


A consistent smooth tone


No cracks in your range


Vocal style mastery


Perfect pitch

Take the next step

Wherever you are now and wherever you want to be, I truly believe that with the right coaching you can reach your full potential.

I can work with you in one of 3 ways

One-to-one coaching

The best way to make the biggest improvement, fast. Visit me in my Bristol studio, or grab your laptop for some one-one tuition over Skype.

Tailored to you, completely.

Guided Courses

Structured courses to learn in your own home, with extra support and accountability to ensure you get the results you really need.

The best of both worlds.

Self Study Classes

Pick and choose what you need to learn. Take the classes in your own home and at your own pace and enjoy lifetime access.

Take charge of your own development.

A bit more about me

Hello, I’m Amy and I love to sing!

I live in Bristol with my husband and 2 children and I love a good movie, a packet of crisps and as many cats as I can find (but not at the same time)

Find out more about my singing story, my coaching qualifications and why my clients love working with me

Bite-size singing tips

What my students say

Debra Penrice

“First singing lesson this weekend and it was fantastic, way more than expected packed in the hour! With a few warm ups and tips to practice, Amy had me happily singing one of my favourite songs. I can’t wait for the next time. Best ‘therapy’ ever!”

Will Harvey

“An amazingly personable yet professional teacher. Her knowledge of what the voice is doing is incredible and her teaching gave me the confidence to release my own EP and do some live shows. Totally recommended.”

April Shipton

“Amy is a fantastic singing coach. Her knowledge, contagious friendliness and relaxed approach are all underpinned by her passionate drive to help people improve their singing, whatever stage they are at.”