This is the most common question I hear.

It comes in other forms too – people saying “You won’t be able to help me”, “I’m tone deaf” and “I’ve got no hope”.

So let me just tell you……


Here’s why:

Most people believe singing to be some sort of gift. You’re either born with it or there’s no hope for you…and there’s nothing you can do about that.


So here’s the myth I’m busting for you today; I call it the myth of the “natural talent”. And there’s NO SUCH THING.

Sure, some people are born with more musical capability. They pick things up quicker and their bodies seem to know what to do instinctively. I GET THAT.

But does that mean there’s no hope for you? Nuh uh. In fact – if that person doesn’t work on developing their gift and YOU do…you could totally overtake them.

Those favourite artists of yours – did they pop out of the womb singing like that? Nope. Chances are they’ve invested time and money developing their craft.

SINGING IS A SKILL. It’s something we LEARN, we WORK ON, we DEVELOP, and we IMPROVE.

YOU CAN SING, my friend. And you don’t even need to go out somewhere to find that talent. It’s right there inside you. Everything you need to sing powerfully and effortlessly and beautifully is already in you – the challenge is to learn exactly how to USE it.

That’s where I come in because I can help you strengthen and develop your voice to get the most potential and the best sound (the sound that’s ALREADY THERE.)

You can do it.

I believe in you.

Love, Amy x


[Just a quick footnote: YES, there is such a thing as tone deaf. This is when you can’t hear that you’re singing off pitch. In other words, people who are truly tone deaf have no idea they’re not singing in tune because they can’t hear it. If you think you can’t sing because you can hear you have a few problems with pitch – you’re not tone deaf my friend. And yes, you can learn to match pitch just like any other singing skill.]