Are You Ready to Get Courageous?

Have you always loved to sing, but never found the confidence to book lessons?
Don’t have the time to make it out to a singing teacher each week?
Too scared they’ll say you’re not good enough?
Do you have a secret desire to sing more, to sing better or to sing in front of other people?

I totally feel you, my friend. And I’ve got your back!


Everything you need to sing your best in 12 weeks


All the classes and content forever


A community of singers just like you, there for support when you need them

What to Expect from the Academy

(Join now to be one of the FIRST in this awesome new community of courageous singers! Classes start on the 1st May.)

In Courageous Singing Academy we will cover:

  1. How you should be singing technically
  2. How to support your voice for a more powerful, richer tone
  3. Increasing your breath capacity
  4. Applying breathing techniques to specific songs
  5. Freeing up the voice from tension
  6. Improving vocal tone
  7. Strengthening head voice and mixed voice
  8. Anchoring chest voice
  9. How to belt safely and effectively
  10. Smoothing out the break between vocal registers
  11. How to sing ANY song using vowel modification
  12. Vocal style tricks

And SO MUCH more!

It's Time to Get Courageous

Transform Your Singing

I’m committed to you as my academy student, committed to helping you take control of your voice and use it powerfully and effectively. Committed to helping you get the most potential from your singing and committed to making sure you have tons of FUN (A huge value of mine and the backbone of the academy!)

12 weeks of classes on different topics, drip fed to you week by week.

The chance to comment under EVERY class to ask any questions and let me know how you’re getting on.

All documents, study guides, song lists and mp3 exercise files to download and keep.

Access to this course and its contents forever.

Access to any new classes and updated material.

Access to the Academy private Facebook group to share your progress with other students, ask for help and get song feedback.

Enrol now for HALF PRICE at £99

“I really enjoying singing lessons with Amy, she builds upon the things that I’m struggling with like belting. Then I get to apply those things to my singing at home – whether I’m in the shower or making a cup of tea – and I have all these amazing breakthroughs. I’m taught to relax my voice, practice and be confident rather than strain and put all this pressure on myself. Thank you Amy.”