Free Your Voice

Discover the joy of singing with ease

Who says you can’t sing?

Singing – you’re either good at it, or you’re not, right? Wrong!

 Singing is a skill that can be learned, developed and improved – and don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

As a vocal coach I’m here to tell you that with a few changes in technique and a powerful shift in attitude, we can have you belting out your favour numbers in no time.

12 Steps to Freedom

I’m passionate about empowering people to find and free their true singing voice. That’s why I’ve  developed this 12 week online self-study programme to teach you the core principles of effortless singing.

Unlike traditional singing lessons, Free Your Voice lets you study in your own time, at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. And with unlimited access you can revisit classes until you’ve mastered the techniques.

Set Your Voice Free

What You’ll Get

Join the programme and you’ll get:


A digital mini course with 12 videos covering three core modules


Accompanying exercise files so you can practise anywhere


Access to an online community to encourage and help you

How You’ll Improve

By the time you complete the course you’ll have:


The ability to sing with power, ease and confidence


Techniques you can apply to any song


Improved breath capacity and tone


Reduced tension and stage fright

And all this for just £99!

I’m finally happy to sing in front of others

“I’m surprised by how much I can now pull off…higher notes, longer notes, going from mid to high range smoothly – the techniques really do help. I’m finally happy to sing in front of others. It’s absolutely and solely thanks to you and your gift Amy! I enjoy singing so much more now – I can’t express that I literally wouldn’t have that if I hadn’t decided to take Free Your Voice.”

Lou Constant-Ford

Student, Free Your Voice

This course is for you if…


You enjoy singing and you’d like to improve


You want to get the hang of some simple techniques


You’d like more strength and less strain in your voice


You’re ready to learn and prepared to practise

Course Outline

Introductory Class

Clear instructions on how to complete the course and topics we’re going to cover. What to do to get the most from your learning and see the most progress.

1 lesson.

Module 1 : The Engine of Singing

Discover the core of singing – your breath. Why is it so important? How do we know we’re doing it right? How should we breathe for the best support for our sound? And now I know how to breathe for singing – how do I apply that as I actually sing?

4 lessons.

Module 2 : Space (The Forgotten Frontier)

Breath is a huge part of singing – but what happens after the air hits the vocal cords? Let’s explore what resonance is, why it’s important for getting a great sound, and how on earth to use it!

5 lessons.

Module 3 : Preparing for Lift Off

Get ready to dive deep and bust some common singing myths. Learn how to develop the right mindset for improving and a practical and easy to implement strategy for your practise time.

2 lessons.

A Final Goodbye

Leave the course with knowledge of how to use, support, and get the best from your voice; how to practise and how to sing with confidence. This lesson also covers voice care so you can get the best from your instrument.

1 lesson.

Amy Box

Course Creator

Almost 30 years devoted to all things singing. Studying, performing, teaching and blasting out tunes at every opportunity, Amy is passionate about the voice and helping singers to succeed.

Give the gift of singing

If you have a loved one who you know would secretly love to improve their singing ability, why not give them the chance to free their voice?