Here’s a little scenario for you. You’ve had a really stressful week. Work has been difficult with new projects landing on your lap and the office bully making snarky remarks about you quitting your day job to make their coffees instead. You get home each day and the kids ask what’s for dinner before you’ve even taken off your coat. You sleep through your alarm and then the car doesn’t start.

(We’ve all had these weeks right? It happens unfortunately all too often. We have different work situations, family units and errands and tasks, but this sort of ‘bad week’ scenario happens to us all in our own way.)

So what do you do? You sing. Singing is like therapy. You know it makes you feel better and it gives you an emotional release from everything else going on.

Except you start singing your favourite show stopping tune and something is wrong. You can’t reach that note as well as you usually can. You didn’t have enough breath for that long crescendo into the bridge. Your voice just doesn’t sound or feel right.

But you push through it anyway because you know singing will make you feel better. Except this time, it doesn’t. Your voice gets tired and sore. Then you end up feeling like the one thing that you love isn’t working for you this week either, and the world is out to get you. So you cry into your pillow and open the wine.

Okay, so that last part might have been a little dramatic, but you get my drift. This ever happened to you?

We’re good at being aware of the positive impact singing can have on our health. There are plenty of research papers and enough documented evidence to tell us this. What we aren’t so good at, however, is recognising the impact that our health can have on our singing.

Your body, your mind, and your voice. They’re all connected. A healthy body means a healthy voice. A healthy mind means a healthy voice. So what does an ‘unhealthy’ – or rather, a stressed mind do? Well, it affects the body AND the voice.

Life isn’t always easy. It can be hard, it can be stressful, it can be downright miserable. And yes – singing can absolutely help. But we need to set our voice up to be able to do that job. We MUST get rid of the physical tension in our bodies caused by stress.

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