Let's Sing

Vocal warm ups and guided exercises

to keep your voice in excellent shape

The easy way to sing with a vocal coach

39 tracks totalling 85 minutes; guiding you through my favourite exercises for warming up the voice and keeping it in tip top shape. Includes piano tracks to mix things up and create your own warm up. Never wonder where to start and how to warm up again!

Only £10

That’s less than a trip to Starbucks these days.
Still not sure? Here’s a list of everything you’ll get in the album!

Introduction/Breath  .1
In/Out 4/4 .2
Intro/Decreasing Inhale .3
Repeat/Decreasing Inhale .4
15 exhale hiss/hum .5
Intro/Breath of Fire .6
Quick Breath of Fire .7
Humming 5 tone scale .8
Humming slide .9
Lip trill slides .10
Lip trill Arpeggios .11
‘Ng’ chords .12

13. Si’ng’ Contrast exercise
14. Pitching stairs exercise
15. Counting Octave
16. Quick Counting Octave
17. Bouncing Princess
18. Yeah Yeah Yeah
19. Lala 5 tone double time slide
20. Ah 5 tone scale
21. Princess Vowel Changes
22. ‘G’ Cord closure vowels
23. ‘Bah Bah Bah’
24 – 39. Piano tracks

Have a sneaky listen below

Track 2: 4 Beat Breath

by Amy Box Voice Studios | Let's Sing

Track 15: Counting Octave

by Amy Box Voice Studios | Let's Sing

Track 24: Piano Tracks Intro

by Amy Box Voice Studios | Let's Sing