If you’ve seen any of my videos or read any of my blogs before you’ll have heard me say that singing is a skill. So many people wrongly think singing to be a talent which you’re born with. Yes…for some musicality comes easy, and others have to work harder at it. But singing is most definitely a learned skill which you can continually improve and develop.

It goes without saying then, that this involves some learning right?

Here’s my next big tip for you when it comes to improving your singing; NEVER. STOP. LEARNING.

Over the years as I’ve studied countless texts, listened to podcasts, watched experts, had private vocal tuition and studied the voice and vocal teaching for my qualifications, I’ve realised something which you might call frustrating.

The more I learn about the voice, the more I realise there is to learn.

Except I don’t find this frustrating at all, I find it EXCITING.


There is no doubt in my mind that I’ve become a better singer since diving into the world of voice professionals, and I strongly believe that to be largely thanks to my increase in knowledge.

What does learning about the voice help us to do? It helps us to understand our instruments. It empowers us to use our voices properly because we know how to do so. It gives us the know-how to change and adapt. It gives us permission to explore what our voices can do in a healthy way.


Never, never, never stop learning. Keep growing. Keep developing. Always.

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