Learn to Sing from the Comfort of Home

If you can’t make it out to see a teacher regularly, or just want to take charge of your own development, these courses are perfect for you. Go at your own pace, watch from your own home and enjoy lifetime access.
Free Training, Anyone?

I’m finally happy to sing in front of others

“I’m surprised by how much I can now pull off…higher notes, longer notes, going from mid to high range smoothly – the techniques really do help. I’m finally happy to sing in front of others. It’s absolutely and solely thanks to you and your gift Amy! I enjoy singing so much more now – I can’t express that I literally wouldn’t have that if I hadn’t decided to take Free Your Voice.”

Lou Constant-Ford

Student, Free Your Voice

Free Your Voice

My signature programme and first ‘online course’ baby, Free Your Voice has helped over 50 people sing with more power, more range and more freedom.

The Range Extender

The range extender will take you step by step through the foundations you need for singing and how to extend your range by up to an octave – yes, seriously!


Got questions? I’ve got some answers..

Here’s some of the most common questions I receive about my online classes and courses. If you have another question which isn’t answered here, please get in touch!

Do online lessons really work?

In short, yes! But like anything – you get out as much as you put in. If you commit to watching the classes, doing the exercises and fitting in practise time, you’ll get the results.

How will I know if I'm doing it right?

Throughout each course and class I demonstrate all the exercises. If you’re still not sure, just comment on the class, send me an email or ask in the Facebook group!

Can I get any feedback?

If you want to, absolutely. You are encouraged to use both the Facebook group and email support to let me know how you’re getting on and send videos of your progress so I can make sure you’re on the right track.

Can I buy a course as a gift?

Of course! Just send an email to hey@amyboxvoice.com after you’ve purchased and I’ll sort you out with a gift certificate and explain the gift process.

Do I need to read music?

No! Everything I teach is by ear so you don’t need to be a maestro.

What if I fall behind?

There’s no such thing. You take the classes and courses at your own pace. Any guided courses you purchase come with a private Facebook group to keep you accountable and make sure you complete the course!

What style do you teach?

I’m a contemporary vocal coach, but my courses cover correct vocal function which is translatable across all styles of singing. If you’re looking for a specialist style coach I might not be the right fit for you

What if I buy the course and then don't like it?

I am so confident that this won’t be the case. If you are unhappy for whatever reason, just contact me within 14 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.

Free Singing Tips

Only have 5 minutes? Browse my library of short videos which cover a range of singing topics such as breath, range, tone, performance and even mindset.

Free Warm Up Tracks

The perfect place to come right before that important gig, audition or karaoke night. Whatever you need it for, my library of warm up tracks has you covered.
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Pick ‘n Mix Classes

Want to work on something specific?

A one off class might be just right for you. Pick and choose what you need to learn and deep dive into a specific training for less than a single 1-1 session!

Breathing Basics

There’s no sound at all without the breath. Are you breathing efficiently to support your voice?

Hitting The High Notes

Got a song you love with a bridge section you just can’t reach? Learn how to extend your upper range and make those high notes easier


Do your knees buckle and palms sweat when you think of ‘performing’ to an audience? Dive in to performance anxiety coaching and bust those nerves


What does support even mean? Let’s explore ways to get more power in your voice, without strain

Improving Tone

Know you can hit the notes, but don’t think they sound ‘nice’ enough? It’s all about tone, and there’s a lot you can learn!

Song Strategies

Not sure where to start when approaching a new song? Learn my strategy for song work from the very start right up to finished performance