When I first started studying voice I was amazed at how a simple shift in mindset had a huge affect on my singing. It was easier to sing, I sang for longer, it didn’t hurt to sing louder or higher notes and I sounded better. What was this sorcerous trick? Simple. I stopped thinking about sound coming from my throat.

I like to think about vocal production in 3 stages. The first stage is your core. It’s your power source. It’s your breath. As long as you’re breathing nice and low (more on that in another blog), the sound should start from and feel supported by the very centre of your body.

The second stage is the vocal cords. The less said on that at this stage the better.

The third stage is the face, or as anyone in the world of voice teaching would call it, the ‘vocal tract’ (just a fancy way of saying all the space above the larynx!) Again, we’ll cover this in another blog at another time.

The BEST singing should feel like it skips the second stage. Overthinking the mechanics of your vocal cords can be very counter productive. Start to think about the sound starting from your core and going directly to your face and out – and see what a difference it makes when you sing.


You might, like me, have a pleasant surprise.

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