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Whether you’re local, not so local or even overseas, I can work with you. All you need is a laptop or phone, internet connection and a willingness to learn

Learn to sing from a Contemporary Vocal Coach

With a background in Musical Theatre, a contemporary vocal teaching qualification and a lifetime love of all things singing, passion and joy are at the heart of all I do. I teach using a combination of vocal science, neuroscience and practical performance skills and strageties.

What my students say

“I have been singing for a few years, however lacked the support needed. Since seeing Amy for the past month I’ve noticed a huge difference already. Amy teaches in such a great, fun way. Her personality shines through her teaching which is so bubbly, kind and professional.”

Michelle Freeman

Bristol Studio Student

“First lesson with Amy today, so much fun.
Lots of laughter, lots of singing and loads to go home and practice.

Looking forward to learning more next week.
Is it Friday again yet?”

Lucy Hawthorne

Bristol Studio Student

The Bristol Studio

My little corner of happiness


Hidden in the north of Bristol is a little house I call my home. My home studio is exactly as you see in this image and the backdrop of all my videos – it’s a safe space with semi-soundproofed walls where you can try new things, explore your voice, laugh, cry if you need to, and get singing results.


Recording equipment is also available should you wish to record your vocals. Extra charges apply – but a studio recording makes a gorgeous gift!


Skype Lessons

International online sessions available

Not based near bristol? No problem! You can learn and develop your singing from anywhere in the world via the power of the interweb. All you need is a laptop or phone, internet connection and a willingness to learn!

There’s no doubt that in-person lessons are the best choice for vocal development, but we can still learn an awful lot through online sessions. Once we’ve covered the foundations and you need some more detailed tuition, I’ll help you to find a reputable vocal coach in your area to continue your development.

Skype lessons are available with limited spaces. Please take the time to fill in the quick assessment below to make sure I’m the right coach for you.

Customized Teaching For Every Student

I understand that every student is different. Some of my students have no previous experience in singing and want to learn a new skill and have fun, while others want to further their career as a professional vocalist. Whatever you’re looking for, I tailor your training to meet your needs.

Due to limited spaces, I can only take a handful of students at a time. In order to make sure I can really help your specific needs, and we’ll be a good fit, please complete the below form. If I have space, I’ll be in touch!


Do you have a team you want to inspire and motivate, a group you want to develop or a bunch of friends to get together and have some fun? My worskhops might be just right for you..

Choir in a Day

The perfect way to inspire and motivate your team. My choir in a day workshop literally turns your team into a choir – in a day. Teaching them a little about singing technique and performance skill as we go, your team will have fun learning to keep rhythm, hold a harmony and blend their voices together.

Enquire about this workshop

Vocal training

My vocal training workshop is more suited to existing choirs, bands and vocal groups. Your group will learn the fundamentals of efficient vocal production and support, and we’ll cover another area you need such as extending range, belting or blending harmonies.

Enquire about this workshop

Karaoke party

Just for fun – this workshop is most suited to groups of friends for birthdays, hen do’s, or celebratory events. Learn from a vocal coach how to find songs most suited to your voice, how to approach them and sing to the best of your ability – and then go for it! Never be scared of a karaoke night again.

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