We have to remember that our voice is a muscle. Sometimes this is all too easy to forget, and we push and strain and pull to try to achieve a desired outcome.

Then there are times when our voice doesn’t do what we want it to. We just can’t sing very high. Or we just can’t make the voice sound soft without being cracky or breathy. Or maybe it’s the low register we struggle with. So we give up and accept that we just ‘can’t sing there’.


When you remember your voice is a muscle it changes things. Want to sing higher notes but just a squeak comes out? That’s okay. If you give up and never go there, that part of your voice (called head voice) won’t ever develop. Keep vocalising there through the squeakiness.

Spending time in a certain part of your voice is key for it’s development. Repeat scale patterns there. Talk there. Sing there (just be careful you’re not forcing it!). When we repeat scale exercises around a certain part of the voice we use the analogy of waiting for a bus. You don’t arrive at the bus stop, find there isn’t a bus there and go home. No. You stay there for a while. Give it time. Sure enough your voice will start to strengthen and develop in that area.

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